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safetyAt Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants patient safety is extremely important. This is why our physicians are board certified and experts in anesthesia subspecialties. Although anesthesia can carry some risks, major side effects or complications are uncommon. You can be assured that our physicians are extremely qualified to handle your anesthesia care further minimizing these risks and compared to national benchmarks Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants provides superior anesthesia care.

  SAC* National Benchmark**
Cardiac Arrest 0.08% 0.44-1.72%
Myocardial Infraction 0.02% 0.19%
Stroke 0.01% < 1%
Anesthesia Awareness 0.01% 0.2%
Pulmonary Edema 0.04% 7.6%
Medication Errors 0.01% 5.26%
Difficult Intubation 0.25% 1.2-3.8%
Aspiration 0.05% 0.3%
Nausea and Vomiting 6.49% 25-30%

* In 2008, information was collected on 88,184 patients.
**National benchmarks were derived from “Evidence Based Practice of Anesthesiology”, The Institute of Medicine, and Medline

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