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Critical Care Anesthesia

What is critical care anesthesia?
Critical care is a medical term referencing the treatment of patients with life threatening illnesses. Also known as intensive care (ICU), patients in critical care units require constant monitoring and specialized care. Physicians that specialize in critical care medicine must be able to manage acute respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, cerebral, and renal problems in a wide range of patients ranging from infants to older adults. They must also manage multiple organ failures, life threatening diseases and disorders that fall into many specialties.

Whenever you, a family member or friend are having a medical emergency it is an extremely stressful and emotional situation. Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants understands the immense amount of specialized attention needed for these types of situations. That is why we have a team of board certified anesthesiologists who have specialized in how to provide anesthesia care for patients in the ICU.

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Billing & Insurance

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Patient Advocacy

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Surgery Instructions

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